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Each month during the season, NHAHA will provide at least one organization-wide fundraiser opportunity

Participation in all fundraisers (except calendar raffle tickets) is voluntary, and designed to assist our members with season fees (and other related expenses)

Past fundraisers have included:
Hoagie sales, pie sales, restaurant nights, events, etc! 

2020-21 NHAHA Fundraiser Schedule

August - Fanatic Impressions Spirit Wear Sale
September - Marianna's Hoagies & Pizzas
October - Beef, Pork, Clucks & Bucks Raffle (aka "Meat Ticket")
November - TBD
December - NHAHA January Calendars distributed
January - Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest Volunteers
February - TBD


NHAHA Beef, Pork, Clucks & Bucks Raffle Fundraiser (aka "Meat Ticket")

I would like to thank our NHAHA families for making our Meat Ticket fundraiser a success!  Due to the high demand for Meat Tickets, NHAHA currently has three batches of 1000 Meat Tickets for this fundraiser!

Batch #1 - Pink Meat Ticket - Drawing date is Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - Deadline to turn in the "Meat Ticket" stubs and $5.00 for each "Meat Ticket" requested is Sunday, November 1, 2020

Batch #2 - Beige Meat Ticket - Drawing date is Wednesday, November 18, 2020 - Deadline to turn in the "Meat Ticket" stubs and $5.00 for each "Meat Ticket" requested is Sunday, November 8, 2020

Batch #3 - Gold Meat Ticket - Drawing date is Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - Deadline to turn in the "Meat Ticket" stubs and $5.00 for each "Meat Ticket" requested is Sunday, November 15, 2020

Batch #4 - ? - Drawing date will be Wednesday, December 2, 2020 - Currently we have a waitlist for a 4th batch, but we need more Meat Ticket requests before we purchase this 4th batch.  If you would like to request Meat Tickets, please email David Cagnacci, NHAHA Fundraising Coordinator, at  Please include your name, player's name, player's team, and number of Meat Tickets requested.  You are responsible to sell/pay for all of the Meat Tickets that you request, unsold Meat Tickets cannot be returned.

Key points for all batches of Meat Tickets:

  1. The Winning Number for the "Meat Ticket" will be taken from the PA "Pick 3" 7:00pm Lottery on each drawing date
  2. The winning number of each "Meat Ticket" will receive $1000.00 cash + the meat package listed on the ticket from MISH FARMS MEAT MARKET
  3. Sellers will receive $3.00 for every "Meat Ticket" they sell into their NHAHA account
  4. The "Meat Ticket" winners will be announced on
  5. BONUS: The Sellers of the winning "Meat Tickets" will receive $125.00 into their NHAHA account!

Thank you again to everyone who made this fundraiser a success! 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Marianna's Fundraisers (DelGrosso)

This Fundraiser is to help our NHAHA families raise money to pay their hockey tuition, or get reimbursed for other NHAHA approved hockey expenses.  $2.50 from every hoagie and pizza sold, will go directly into the seller's NHAHA account. 

Key points:

  1. There are 8 types of hoagies and 4 types of pizzas available to sell. 

  2. All hoagies are made on a 14 inch freshly baked Italian roll and include: lettuce, tomato, and onions, except Ham Club (no onions).  The hoagies are advertised to have 20% more MEAT & CHEESE than last year!  All hoagies are sold for $9.00/each.

  3. All pizzas are made on a 12 inch freshly baked crust.  All pizzas are sold for $9.00/each.

  4. Individuals will receive $2.50 for every hoagie and/or pizza they sell into their NHAHA account.

  5. Deadline to turn in hoagie/pizza orders is September 19, 2020 (Saturday).

  6. Our official Delivery Date is September 29, 2020 (Tuesday) between 5:00pm to 5:30pm at the Pittsburgh Ice Arena.

Please contact NHAHA Fundraising Coordinator, Dave Cagnacci, at if you have any questions or concerns.

Please email your completed Marianna's hoagie/pizza order form to by September 19, 2020.  We are also requiring each family to pay for their order up front when they place the order.  Each family should also place a copy of their completed Marianna's hoagie/pizza order form with 1 check made out to "NHAHA" into the NHAHA Pittsburgh Vipers fundraiser mailbox at the Pittsburgh Ice Arena by September 19, 2020.

Post Your Team Fundraiser Here

January Fundraiser


WHAT: Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest Volunteers

WHEN: Friday, January 29, 2021 and Saturday, January 30, 2021

$$: up to $25 per volunteer 

This Fundraiser will help our NHAHA families raise money to pay their hockey tuition, or get reimbursed for other NHAHA approved hockey expenses.  NHAHA Players will receive up to $25.00 for every Volunteer they bring to the Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest directly into the Player's NHAHA account.  There are a total of 3 Winter Beerfest sessions.


To Earn Your Credits
You Must CAREFULLY Follow the steps below to Volunteer for the Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest to receive the Volunteer credit in your player's NHAHA account. 
If you do not complete all of the steps, you may not receive full credit.

Register each volunteer on the Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest website -

  1. First Name will be the Volunteer's First and Last Name
  2. Last name will be the NHAHA Player's Last Name
  3. Name of pre-registered Non-Profit group will be NHAHA 
  4. You will need to know each volunteer's t-shirt size

First Name: John Smith
Last Name: Cagnacci
Non-profit group: NHAHA
T-Shirt Size: XL

Email the following information:

  1. NHAHA Player's Name and team
  2. Volunteer's First and Last name
  3. Beerfest Date & Time they registered to Volunteer

Cagnacci - 10U Jones
Dave Cagnacci - Friday, 1/29/21 @ 6:30 & Saturday, 1/30/21 @ 6:30pm
John Smith - Friday, January 29th, 2021 @ 6:30pm

STEP 3: 
At Pittsburgh Winter Beerfest

  1. Check-in at Beerfest by having your Volunteer ticket bar code scanned to receive your T-shirt and cup (and for NHAHA to receive credit for your volunteer). 
  2. Check-in with the NHAHA near the coat check table.
    Each NHAHA Volunteer must have their ticket with them, and  will be required to initial the NHAHA Volunteer sheet for your NHAHA player to receive the Volunteer credit.

If you/your volunteers do not complete ALL 3 STEPS  in their entirety, NHAHA will not receive the volunteer credit from Beerfest, and therefore YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE  CREDIT for that volunteer in your NHAHA account.   

This is a wonderful opportunity for our families to earn money to support their player's season. Please follow the instructions carefully, email any questions you may have to!


All fundraising, by either the entire association or
individual teams, must adhere to the following policies.

ARAMARK fundraising has additional guidelines 
which will be distributed at training, and are listed below.

Association Fundraising

Mandatory Fundraisers

  1. Tournaments – While the tournaments held by NHAHA are designed to provide an opportunity for our players to play different teams and have a good time, they are also fundraising activities. Each player’s family will be required to work up to two or three hours for one or more of the tournaments. The “work” may involve, but not be limited to selling raffle tickets or other items, running a game clock, keeping a score sheet, or helping at hospitality/registration.   
  2. Raffle Tickets - Each player in NHAHA will receive 10 tickets (5 for ADM). The tickets have been pre-paid for as part of the players season fees. Sell the tickets and recoup the money, or sign your name to them and take your chance at winning!

Voluntary Fund Raising

  1. Night at the Races/Monte Carlo/Cash Bash/Pre-season Picnic – TBD  
  2. Ad Books -  NHAHA’s Tier I teams, the Esmark Stars, have traditionally produced a player profile guide and had an opportunity to sell ads for that guide. The entire price of the ads are then applied toward their tuition fees.
  3. Tournament Sponsorships - Each year members are encouraged to secure sponsors for our  tournaments. Details of the sponsorship are available on the Tournament Sponsorship form.

Team Fundraisers

  1. Each team may do independent fundraising for that team.  
  2. Each team will decide whether to do one, several, or no fundraisers. If a team participates in fundraising, the funds raised will be managed by a member of that team.
  3. No team may do any team fundraising which will conflict with Association fundraising or any other team's fundraising. In order to keep this from happening, all team fundraising must be approved by the Fundraising Coordinator, Dave Cagnacciwho will keep track of what types of fundraising is being done by individual teams and when that fundraising will take place. In order to receive approval from the Fundraising Coordinator, the team applying for approval must submit the form listed below.
  4. No member may be forced to participate in any team fundraising. However, it should be recognized that some types of fundraising may be more successful if all members participate. Members not participating in team fundraisers will be expected to pay their share of the team expenses.
  5.  Funds raised may be used for any team activity or purchase such as but not limited to: extra ice, attending tournaments; hotel fees; team parties, bowling or other outing, warm-ups, gym access, coach/manager/player gifts, charity donation, etc. 
  6. No funds acquired through fundraising will go directly to the families involved, as it is assumed that the name of the Vipers, Esmark Stars, or NHAHA will be involved in some manner in the fundraising activity, and therefore must be used in a NHAHA/team related activity.


NHAHA provides the opportunity for our members to volunteer for the organization at PNC Park for Pittsburgh Pirate games and other events to help pay for their hockey fees. 

ARAMARK is the company which runs the concession stands for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and our volunteers must take training provided by ARAMARK prior to the beginning of the baseball season.  The number of events we are requested to supply workers for is determined by the Pirate’s season.  The better the season, the more workers they need at each game and the more they pay – usually between $85 - $100 per event.

Unfortunately, the MLB season does not run in sync with our season! If you are interested in applying for one of the training slots available now, please read ALL of the rules/regulations/expectations regarding Aramark.  Since you must have a player on a Vipers or Stars team during the 2019-2020 season to benefit from this fundraiser, please do not apply unless you are certain that your player will be trying out/playing to play for us (Vipers/Stars) next season. 

If you are interested in more information about becoming a 2019-2020 season Aramark Volunteer, please email our new Aramark Volunteer Coordinator, Christine George, at, and include:

  • your name
  •  your player’s name
  • division (age level) your player will be playing NEXT SEASON
  • email
  • phone number

Christine will contact you will details about the training and program ASAP. 

Please note... you must be available to be on-time and stay for the entire training! Also, please review all of the Aramark volunteer policies and requirements  prior to signing up!)

2/12 @ 5 p.m. (12 spots available)
2/19 @ 5 p.m. (4 spots available)
2/21 @ 5 p.m. (12 spots available)
2/23 @ 2 p.m. (12 spots available)

Spots fill up quickly! Registrations are first-come-first-serve. You must RSVP for your training by 1/22!



ARAMARK concessions is the largest fundraiser for individual members in which NHAHA participates.The primary goal of NHAHA's participation in this program is to help members pay their season hockey fees.

To be considered for the ARAMARK program you must be willing to accept the NHAHA terms that are listed below and the ARAMARK contract. PLEASE READ THE TERMS & CONTRACT CAREFULLY, NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

NHAHA participates in the ARAMARK fundraiser by sending trained "volunteers" to work concession stands at PNC Park. In return, ARAMARK makes a donation to our organization. 

If you are scheduled to work, you must report to PNC Park about 2 hours before the game begins, close and clean the stand after the game is over, and sell drinks and food during the game. There are usually several people working the stand at the same time; so you will not be alone, but it is a long hard work day. It is NOT similar to running the concession stand during a school football game.

ARAMARK prepares for the upcoming season by scheduling training sessions. In order to participate in the fundraiser, you must be trained by ARAMARK. The spring dates for mandatory NEW HIRE Grand Slam / Serve Safe classes have passed. 

There may be further training dates later in the season.

To Register for Training: 
Email Christine at ARAMARK Coordinator will contact you and let you know when and if we have any ARAMARK training sessions scheduled. Sometimes we need to wait until spaces open up as ARAMARK only runs training when they wish to increase the number of workers.  

Updated May 2017


ARAMARK provides us with the dates they want workers and the number of workers wanted.  These opportunities will be provided to you.  It is then your responsibility to respond in a timely manner that you wish to work.  It is the member’s responciblity to keep track of his scheduled events. A master schedule will be maintained by NHAHA's coordinator(s).

It is the Responsibility of each member to sign in at each event at the ARAMARK office on the NHAHA sign in sheet by their name in order to receive payment for that event worked. If you do not sign in, you will not be paid for that event.  When ARAMARK sends us the list of workers who have worked each event that list will be distributed to you.  It is your responsibility to review the list and notify the Coordinator within 5 days of any discrepancy.  Include details of your work for the event such as, "I worked on register 2 in booth 307.  An attempt will be made to negotiate recovery of payment.



Training and work may be offered to our members at PNC Park prior to the tryouts at ARAMARK's schedule.   Any money earned prior to tryouts can be applied to commitment fees provided the money is actually earned prior to tryouts.  ARAMARK funds cannot be used to pay for tryouts which must be paid by credit card when registering for tryouts.  In order to use ARAMARK funds for the Commitment Fee you must submit a Reimbursment Form to the treasurer prior to the first day of tryouts.  This paragraph does not apply to ADM participants.

You cannot pay for these with the expectation that you will work for ARAMARK. If you pay your commitment fees and then work in excess of the amount needed to pay the entire fees, you will not receive a refund. (NHAHA is not a bank to put money in and take money out.)

ADM participants must pay the ADM registration fee by credit card.  Once the player's season fees are paid in full the participant may request reimbursement of the registration fee by submitting a reimbursement form.  We will deduct the amount of the service fee charged by the credit card company.  no receipt is necessary.

All money earned will be applied to the NHAHA hockey fees until the fees are paid for all siblings rostered on a NHAHA team.

If you have paid your entire NHAHA fees in full you may use additional credit in the following ways after the funds are actually earned:

1.  Since NHAHA prides itself on being school hockey friendly, the treasurer would write one check to one school organization for an amount up to the additional credit if so requested on a reimbursement form. This request must be accompanied by a statement from the school team’s treasurer stating the total amount of the fees still owed.
2.  Most teams attend one or more tournament(s) not funded by NHAHA but are played as a NHAHA team, if requested, NHAHA would pay the worker's share of the tournament entry fee to the person doing the tournament scheduling for that team. Complete the reimbursement form as mentioned above and include proof of amount needed. 

Funds - Use and Restrictions cont.

3.  Following IRS guidelines, NHAHA will reimburse up to a total of $600 for actual expense of hotel room(s) incurred while attending a tournament(s) as part of a NHAHA team after all NHAHA fees have been paid.  A completed Reimbursement Form along with the hotel receipts in the worker's name must be submitted together.
Extra money could be rolled over to pay for fees for the following season including fees for a sibling who will be playing for NHAHA the next season.

We will reimburse only those items listed above.

All requests for reimbursements must be made in a timely manner.  All requests for reimbursements must be submitted by March 31.

NHAHA will charge a flat fee of $50 from each worker for the administrative work for this fundraiser as soon as that worker is added to our list of workers. These fees will pay administrative costs.   The fee is the same no matter how many players a worker has playing for NHAHA. Each worker pays the same fee no matter how many workers are working toward the same player(s) fees as the fee is per worker not per player.

Any worker who has paid only a part of the total hockey fees by the end of the ARAMARK program will begin paying the remainder of the fees in October. The member will divide the total amount still due by 4 and make that a minimum payment due in the months of October, November, December, and January with the payments made the first week of each month.

1. Money cannot be given or gifted to any other member of the NHAHA organization.
2. If a member leaves the organization any funds accrued cannot be transferred to any other Amateur Hockey Association.
3.  If a member declines team placement and leaves NHAHA, or if a player accepts a team and leaves after acceptance, any funds accrued to that member will be held for one year for that member. NHAHA will not transfer funds to a school team. If the member returns the following season those funds may be used as any funds that have been rolled over. If the member fails to return to NHAHA the following season the funds will remain with NHAHA.

4. If a member earns funds prior to tryouts and then has no player tryout for any NHAHA team, the funds earned will be held for one year for that member.  NHAHA will not transfer funds to a school team.  If the member returns the following season those funds may be used as any funds that have been rolled over.  If the member fails to return to NHAHA the following season the funds will remain with NHAHA.
5. If NHAHA is unable to place a player, NHAHA will either send accrued funds to a school team or hold the funds for one season at the choice of the member. A statement of fees owed must be supplied by the school team and a request to reimbursement form must be supplied.
6.  If a member leaves NHAHA for any reason, that member is no longer eligible to work any further ARAMARK events for NHAHA.

(A Reimbursement Form must be submitted to be reimbursed for anything other than NHAHA fees.  Original or a photocopy of the receipt must be submitted along with the form.  If you do not send a Reimbursement Form and receipt(s) together you will not be reimbursed.)


Members are responsible to keep track of their dates worked and the amount in their account. The Aramark Coordinator will also keep track of your account balance and events scheduled to work/worked. If you need to inquire about your account balance please email the Aramark Coordinator. Aramark dollars will be applied to your season invoice as they are received by the organization. Please note, it often takes 30 days or more for Aramark to send a check to the organization for a game worked by our volunteers. It is the member's responsibility to make sure the amount credited is the correct amount.