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      NHAHA offers a variety of Fundraising Opportunities to help our players subsidize the costs of playing hockey!

      From volunteering at Aramark (PNC Park) and Highmark Stadium  to hoagie & pie fundraisers and calendar raffle ticket sales to fun family events there is an opportunity for everyone.

      For more information, see Aramark training, below, or the FUNDRAISING page on this website.


      NHAHA provides the opportunity for our members to volunteer for the organization at Pittsburgh Pirate games to help pay for their hockey fees. 

      ARAMARK is the company which runs the concession stands for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and our volunteers must take training provided by ARAMARK prior to the beginning of the baseball season.  The number of events we are requested to supply workers for is determined by the Pirate’s season.  The better the season, the more workers they need at each game and the more they pay – usually between $85 - $100 per event.

      Unfortunately, the MLB season does not run in sync with our season! If you are interested in applying for one of the training slots available now, go to our fundraising page and read ALL of the rules/regulations/expectations regarding Aramark.  Since you must have a player on a Vipers or Stars team during the 2018-2019 season to benefit from this fundraiser, please do not apply unless you are certain that your player will be trying out/playing to play for us (Vipers/Stars) next season. 

      If you are interested in becoming a 2018-2019 Season Aramark Volunteer, please email our new Aramark Volunteer Coordinator, Christine George, , and include:

      • your name
      •  your player’s name
      • division (age level) your player will be playing NEXT SEASON
      • email
      • phone number

      Christine will contact you will details about the training and program. 

      Get started earning $$ for the new season!

      SIGN UP FOR ARAMARK TRAINING on Tuesday, May 1st @ 5 p.m. Email Aramark Coordinator, Christine @