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Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
U10 April 20th 8:00-9:10pm April 21st 6:00-7:10pm April 22nd 6:00-7:10pm
U12 April 23rd 7:50-9:00pm April 24th 3:20-4:30pm April 25th 3:20-4:30pm
U14 April 28th 6:00-7:10pm April 29th 6:00-7:10pm April 30th 6:00-7:10pm
U16 May 22nd 1:20-2:30pm May 23rd 1:20-2:30pm May 24th 7:30-8:40pm
U18 April 24th 4:40-5:50pm April 25th 4:40-5:50pm April 26th 6:00-710pm


Vipers Stars 2021 Tryout Schedule

Team Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Squirts April 13th 7:00-8:10pm April 14th 7:00-8:10pm April 15th 7:00-8:10pm
2010's April 18th 1:10-2:20pm April 19th 6:00-7:10pm April 20th 6:00-7:10pm
2009's April 18th 2:30-3:40pm April 19th 7:20-8:30pm April 20th 7:20-8:30pm
2008's April 23rd 6:30-7:40pm April 24th 2:00-3:10pm April 25th 2:00-3:10pm
2007's May 17th 6:30-7:40pm May 18th 6:30-7:40pm May 19th 6:30-7:40pm
06/05's May 17th 7:50-9:00pm May 18th 7:50-9:00pm May 19th 7:50-9:00pm


NHAHA March 2021 Calendar Winners

Date Winning Ticket Seller Team Winner Prize Amount
3/1/2021 4371 n/a n/a NOT RETURNED $100.00
3/2/2021 3364 Liam McIntire 10U Vipers - Litz Mabel Hazlett $100.00
3/3/2021 4225 Samuel Treager 13U Viper Stars Brittany Felentzer $200.00
3/4/2021 0953 Alex Patsilevas 12U Esmark Stars Steve Schnelle $100.00
3/5/2021 2742 Kooper Price 16U Vipers - Stonis Mary Beth Ireland $100.00
3/6/2021 2824 Zachary Fuerst 16U Vipers - Stonis Howard Fuerst $150.00
3/7/2021 0142 Justin Mettrick 18U Esmark Stars George Mettrick $150.00
3/8/2021 1341 Jack Crawford 13U Viper Stars Melissa Crawford $100.00
3/9/2021 0324 Blaise Becker 16U Esmark Stars Frank Blazek $100.00
3/10/2021 0441 Derek Pietrzyk 16U Esmark Stars Bacchus $200.00
3/11/2021 2990 Owen McIntire 12U Vipers - Rose Kristen McIntire $100.00
3/12/2021 4436 n/a n/a NOT RETURNED $100.00
3/13/2021 3327 Brody Vogel 10U Vipers - Litz Sabrina Vogel $150.00
3/14/2021 5759 Reid West 15U Esmark Stars Jennifer West $150.00
3/15/2021 2564 Joseph Liput 16U Vipers - Wislie Ron Liput $100.00
3/16/2021 4412 n/a n/a NOT RETURNED $100.00
3/17/2021 3668 Noah Hawkins 10U Vipers - Jarrett Sarah Hawkins $1000.00
3/18/2021 3062 Connor Reilly 12U Vipers - Rose Missy Jones $100.00
3/19/2021 0429 Austin Peterson 16U Esmark Stars John Marzullo $100.00
3/20/2021 3506 Madalyn Kozub 10U Vipers - Jarrett Tia Emerick $150.00
3/21/2021 7608 Aiden Dougherty 16U Vipers - Wislie Linda Miller $150.00
3/22/2021 1744 Brendan Yohe 12U Viper Stars T Dnasak $100.00
3/23/2021 2543 Mason Zellers 16U Vipers - Wislie J Daley $100.00
3/24/2021 9616 n/a n/a NOT RETURNED $200.00
3/25/2021 5955 Alex Patsilevas 12U Esmark Stars Shawn Musulin $100.00
3/26/2021 5851 n/a n/a NOT RETURNED $100.00
3/27/2021 5844 n/a n/a NOT RETURNED $150.00
3/28/2021 7589 Riley Wislie 16U Vipers - Wislie Kelly Wislie $150.00
3/29/2021 6884 Andrew Leah 11U Viper Stars Leah $100.00
3/30/2021 6370 Alexander Gatto 13U Viper Stars Gatto $100.00
3/31/2021 5969 n/a n/a NOT RETURNED $200.00

Fundraising Opportunities

NHAHA offers a variety of Fundraising Opportunities to help our players subsidize the costs of playing hockey!

From volunteering at Aramark (PNC Park) and Highmark Stadium  to hoagie & pie fundraisers and calendar raffle ticket sales to fun family events there is an opportunity for everyone.

For more information, visit the FUNDRAISING page.

Aramark is offering training opportunities for new volunteers in March.  Please reach out to Christine at if you are interested in working at PNC Park this season to pay your tuition.

A Note from the Rink on COVID-19 Operations

As a reminder to all our customers, we have the following protocols in place to help limit the spread of COVID-19 while at Pittsburgh Ice Arena:

1. Per Pennsylvania mandate, masks are required for all people not on the playing surfaces. Coaches must wear a mask while on the bench.

2. We ask players not to bring guests or spectators. For players under the age of 18, we ask only 1 parent per family to attend. No non-playing siblings are permitted at the facility.

3. Parents watching their child's game must practice social distancing at all times at the facility.

4. Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your game time, and exit the premises within 15 minutes of completing your game.

5. All players should bring a water bottle with their name CLEARLY written on it. Do NOT share water bottles.

6. If you, or anyone in your family, have shown symptoms of COVID-19, please do not attend your scheduled game.

Pittsburgh Ice Arena will continue to monitor the situation, and update customers of any changes. We will also continue to follow the strict disinfecting guidelines set forth by the CDC, but we also need the help of all customers to do their part to maintain a safe environment.